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Buzz-Makers – Intro to Brass Class

Buzz-Makers is a music class, for ages 5-up, unlike any before! The pBuzz© was recently invented as a new instrument designed for beginning musicians. This instrument is extremely user-friendly because of its kinetic element (lengthens and shortens) in conjunction with various visual elements such as the use of letters, colors, and numbers. Since the pBuzz© uses a plastic trombone mouthpiece, it is a great beginning instrument for future brass instruments such as trombone and trumpet.

The pBuzz© is included in the price of the class. After completing two levels of Buzz-Makers, students should consider private lessons on the trombone or trumpet.

Though the pBuzz© is a type of brass instrument, it is a great way for any student to learn basic music skills and concepts applicable to any instrument! During this course, students will:

  • Play melodies as a soloist and as a member of a group
  • Learn and Teach songs using colors, numbers, and letters
  • Learn songs By Ear!
  • Understand and Explain how the pBuzz© works
  • Read and Write simple music notation
  • Collaborate with peers to complete tasks
  • Compose melodies individually and in a group
  • Create music and friendships

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